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February 15 2013

If you're in the restaurant business and getting orders accurately from customers is a problem to suit your needs, there's help. Often, orders given over the telephone by the customer could be removed inaccurately, which obviously leads to wasted time, money and energy, not forgetting customer dissatisfaction.

Improve your handwriting

However, there exists a new way to be sure that your orders are received accurately, so that there isn't any mistakes. This may improve your main point here, along with your employees' efficiency, too.

An SMS Printer is a small and compact unit, that may be placed anywhere you really need it, such as in the restaurant kitchen or through the drive out window. Because it utilizes a GSM network being a cell phone does, you do not need a mobile phone line or even an Connection to the internet for doing things, place the it literally anywhere there exists a electrical power.

How does it work? Customers can merely send texts via their mobile phones to the SMS Printer in the restaurant they call. You can forget getting orders wrong, because any particular item is what the customer sent. Better yet, the SMS Printer prints the messages in some recoverable format much like that utilized by a fax machine, so there's no difficulty with discerning messages from someone's handwriting.

You can use SMS Printer on your own website, too.

Should you desire, you can even make use of the SMS Printer as a possible interface between kitchen staff as well as the restaurant website. This is especially useful because customers can put and purchase orders in your website; your website are able to forward your order for your SMS Printer whoever you hire to position it, and messages will probably be directly printed out from your website. Your staff are able to take these paper "text messages" and use them to fulfil orders.

No mistakes, no delays

As stated previously, there's no way your staff can misunderstand a purchase which will bring about delays or mistakes as might be completed with verbal communication. Because the order is fulfilled straight from the customer's information, an order comes the same manner it is meant to be filled.

It's faster, too

It's also faster to fill orders through SMS Printer. Because customers' messages may be transmitted automatically through the same venues the web and mobile phones do, you get them automatically. And it is easier for purchasers because they do not must find the phone up, call, devote some time carefully explaining their order, is going to be placed on hold until your business' representative handles a prior customer. Instead, everything is done nearly instantaneously, quickly, and also to the customer's exact specifications. All they need to do is visit your website (or call via message, as applicable), put the order, and await it to come, or be told whenever they can come and get it.

There will be no paper messages flying hither and yon, either

In case you think even paper messages might get lost inside the shuffle if you have a particularly busy moment, the SMS Printer lets you control when you print text messages. In addition, it posseses an indicator that tells you that you have a message or messages waiting.

It allows you to control the way you print texting, too. Use a standard Sim (purchased at almost any store that sells cell phones), the same as are used in cellphones.

Improve your handwriting

Why not give SMS Printer an attempt? You'll streamline your small business and boost your main point here, too.

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